Patient Reviews

David Olszowy
05:51 02 May 19
It has usually been my experience that most of the smaller businesses are the way to go! I had my first visit this week and i can honestly say that everyone of the staff members went out there way not only to say hello but to also have an enjoyable conversation. The ladies at the front desk were helpful, caring and sincere. The doctor was courteous and professional. You did not feel rushed or like a number in the DMV line. I would strongly recommend this team ! Thank you for the great job!
Susan Ashton Spriggs
00:15 02 May 19
I cannot even begin to extend my gratitude and praise for this wonderful group of people. All of them! Dr. totally rocked today! Not a bit of pain and no discomfort. Thank you!!!!
Alexis Glass
23:17 18 Apr 19
Friendly staff who thoroughly explained what they were doing to (and any problem they were seeing with) my teeth. Recommended for anyone seeking a positive, knowledgeable office for dental care.
Roger Fleming
22:16 08 Apr 19
Excelent service, very professional. I have been going to Ingersoll for many years and always recieve excellent care.
Christina Mayo
17:41 03 Apr 19
Best dental clinic in town!!! I had the greatest experience!! The staff are so sweet and thoughtful. I can tell they take pride in what they do and they truly care about the patient and the services they provide. This was hands down the BEST cleaning and experience I’ve ever had!!! I’m thankful!!! Thank you Ingersoll Family Dentistry!!! 😁🙏🏼
Neal Johnson
22:23 19 Mar 19
Simply the best dental practice in the North Star Borough!!! Amber the hygienist is amazing too.
Amber Lynn
01:26 14 Feb 19
Ingersoll Family Dentistry is Fantastic for children! For the past 3 years my child has been going to a different dentist in town. On every visit he cried, never allowing them to brush his teeth. The other dental staff put my child on a board in the "quiet" room and forcefully painted his teeth. It was a terrible experience. Each visit seemed to be worst than the first.Today we visited Ingersoll Family Dentistry. WOW ! What a great place. My Son did not cry, he allowed them to clean and floss his teeth. He exclaimed that he Loves Dr. Ingersoll & Amber [She cleaned his teeth] .Dr. Ingersoll was very warm, he was patient with my very talkative, curious child. Amber was comforting, and kind. She was patient as well as thorough with the teeth cleaning. It was a perfect visit!
Fran Stredny
22:25 14 Jan 19
Care was professional, timely and gentle. Dr. Ingersoll and staff were very welcoming. My visit was stress free and engaging. If you are in need of a dentist I recommend Ingersoll Family Dentistry.
Walkie Charles
18:29 08 Jan 19
Everyone at Ingersoll Family Dentistry has been helpful, professional, and personable. If you have “dental fears” where you’re afraid of pain, no worries! Dr Ingersoll is “so good with the needle” that there’s so much less pain during the injection. The staff at Ingersoll Family Dentistry is very organized and prompt I highly recommend this clinic! Thank you Dr Ingersoll for all you do.
Micah Hierholzer
01:57 04 Jan 19
I just got the best cleaning at Ingersoll Family Dentistry. Amber was very gentle and always made sure I was comfortable. My teeth feel better than ever. The staff are all very welcoming.
Tammie M.
17:11 18 Dec 18
This practice is so warm and friendly, I actually enjoy coming:) Dentist is great! Staff too:) Tammie
Marvina Curtiss
16:18 18 Dec 18
Very pleasant experience, very professional was very very pleased plan own going again this is my 3rd time.
Dayne Ellanna
03:01 11 Dec 18
Well I could take this opportunity to give Dr. Ingersoll a bad time, but since he massages my mouth while applying the needle to numb me, I'll say he does an excellent job along with his skilled assistants. Further, his love of cartoon comedies and rock and roll make my time there enjoyable, even while undergoing the dreaded drill. The only downside is I can't laugh at his jokes because my mouth is stuffed full of dental equipment. All in all though, and excellent experience, I highly recommend Ingersoll Family Dentistry!
Emily W
19:19 03 Nov 18
Ingersoll Family Dentistry is truly exceptional! Where to start?!? Whenever we move, one of the most difficult tasks is finding a dentist we trust. Both my husband and I have needed extensive dental work over the years. Consequently, we both dread going. However, after one visit with Dr. Ingersoll and his staff, this has been completely reversed. He and his entire staff are AMAZING! My husband came out of his office beaming from ear to ear, telling everyone he ran into about his great experience. Dr. Ingersoll took the time to explain things about his dental history that have never been explained before. Dr. Ingersoll made a plan that he feels comfortable and confident with. To top it off, the hygienist was excellent. She is pleasant yet informative, and thorough yet gentle, which was especially a relief to my husband who hates anyone touching his previously injured teeth. If that wasn’t enough, our 6 year old daughter recently needed a tooth extracted, and she came out smiling as well! Everyone was so encouraging. All of our kids beg to go back to the dentist. Ingersoll Family Dentistry goes above and beyond in creating a safe, educational, and friendly environment. We are thankful for everyone in the office and how they go above and beyond to take care of us. Thank you!
Lilly White
21:07 29 Oct 18
I had a great visit. The staff is so helpful and kind. The office clean and welcoming. I really liked the way the Dr explains the procedure and what to expect. The office manager went above and beyond letting me know exactly what was covered by my insurance and what my responsibility would be. I definitely would recommend to friends and family.
Carol Lewis
04:46 28 Oct 18
Implants are difficult to handle. I found Ingersoll and his staff very helpful. I have full mouth implants. He's ex-military. The military traines the best!
Tracy Erpenbach-Redding
00:31 15 Oct 18
Had a cleaning from the best hygienist ever!
Larry Hintz
02:58 02 Oct 18
Do you have apprehensions or fears about seeing a dentist, even for an exam and routine cleaning? If so, then this is the place to give a try. Dr. Ingersoll and his staff are GENTLE, GENTLE, GENTLE. They are friendly, VERY CARING, totally professional and up-to-date in their dentistry. If you don’t have a dentist or think yours is a bit rough In your mouth, then I am confidant you will have a positive experience at Ingersoll Family Dentistry.
Teresa Sammis
20:22 18 Sep 18
Thorough, friendly and gentle with the teeth cleaning. (I am especially sensitive, so Amber applies numbing cream and takes it easy per my instructions.) They all listen to me, which is very important.
Brad Jones
01:00 12 Sep 18
This is hands down one of the best dentist offices I have ever been to. Starting from the reception desk to the chair I had the best experience. Amber was great with the cleaning, the most gentle and best cleaning I have ever had. I had some fillings redone and Dr. Ingersoll explained everything in detail as to what was going on. It literally feels like I have new teeth where they did the work, it is so nice.I would recommend this practice to anyone, the staff are wonderful and I will go here for all my future needs.
Susan Phillips
20:30 10 Sep 18
The whole dental office is warm, clean, and very welcoming. I am normally quite anxious going to the dentist but felt very comfortable after I arrived. Amber did a very thorough job cleaning my teeth and helping Dr. Ingersoll with the dental exam. I had a crown placed a few weeks ago and I was impressed with the time Dr. Ingersoll spent with me explaining different options. This practice definitely gets an A-plus.
Cynthia Pasley
02:27 29 Aug 18
Everything others have said and more. My son was to referred elsewhere where they wanted to sedate him to do the procedure. Dr. Ingersoll spoke with my son and I about the procedure and why sedation might be necessary, but that it could be done with out it as well. After speaking to Dr. Ingersoll I felt quite comfortable that he could in fact do the procedure, and he did, without sedation and that very same day! My son was not upset, quite happy actually and ready to everyone he met about his dentist visit. I will be recommending Ingersoll family Dentistry to everyone I know. (Already started) Everyone there was polite, courteous and super friendly!! Thank you so very much for making our trip to the dentist a positive experience!
Sonia Braun
22:43 22 Aug 18
I had a very good experience with Ingersoll Family Dentistry. They are all happy people, ready to greet and treat their patients like they are special. Or that's how I felt. I will recommend them to my friends. And to my family too if they would be willing to fly overseas. 🙂 thank you!
Christina S.
12:04 08 Aug 18
I wanted to really thank Dr. Ingersoll and staff. My son recently had a very traumatic dental visit with a different dentist in town, we were told our only...
William J HK
22:04 26 Jul 18
One of the best Dentist in Alaska!!!!! Amazing work. Great interpersonal skills... Highly recommend Dr. Tyler Ingersoll !!!!
Lindsay Fair
22:38 08 Jun 18
Dr. Ingersoll and his staff are so friendly! My whole family comes here, and they do wonderfully with the little ones. They kept me informed about every step of the process and address all of my concerns. I am a long-time customer, from back when Dr. Scheller was there, and was a bit worried when the office changed hands. I am so glad to say that Dr. Ingersoll has only brought positive changes!
Barbara Wood
18:34 18 May 18
Fantastic experience! They took care of me quickly with a cleaning and some needed teeth maintenance. The whole staff was caring and attentive. Dr. Ingersoll always clearly explains everything and listens to my concerns. Will definitely recommend to friends and family.
Craig Martelle
21:39 03 May 18
Had a filling coming apart and they saw me in short order, fixed it, and hooked me up with a cleaning, too. Thank you very much:)
Kassie Pena
19:58 03 May 18
Had such a pleasant experience! Everyone from reception to cleaning to exam to discharge was amazing. I have already begun recommending to my family and co-workers. Dr. Ingersoll was warm, friendly and informative. Thank you, from someone like me who dreads the dentist chair normally!
Kailey Jo Erickson
03:05 27 Apr 18
Thank you for all the hospitality today and professionalism. Nice to find a good dental practice in town. �
Laila Gray
16:32 18 Apr 18
My whole family has had such a good experience here. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. Would definitely recommend for anyone looking for a great family dentist!

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