Cosmetic Dentistry

We here at Ingersoll Family Dentistry are proud to offer the highest level of cosmetic enhancements for your teeth. For those situations where a more dramatic change is needed, bonding and bleaching may not be enough. It is these cases where we look to a more substantial restoration that can change the appearance of one or multiple teeth by altering it’s shape, length, and/or color. Dental veneers can be the perfect solution.
Using a thin, custom layer of porcelain, a veneer changes the appearance of a tooth correcting chipping, crowding, or other malalignments and making the teeth look very much ideal. The veneer is bonded strongly to the front of the tooth and unlike a full crown typically involves minimal to no tooth reduction, depending on the situation. Because the veneer is made of porcelain, it will resist staining, dulling, and discoloration and appear as ideal as the day it was placed even many years later. These advantages make it the restoration of choice over other materials if a complete smile makeover is desired. 
Please feel free to ask us about a cosmetic consultation and we’ll be pleased to present you options and show you possibilities to give you your ideal smile.