Preventive Dentistry

Here at Ingersoll Family Dentistry we are fortunate to have fully board certified dental hygienists that can provide a wide array of services. We strive to accommodate just about any time or day of the week to see you and your family. Our hygienists and hygiene assistants will greet you with a smile whether itʼs your first time with us or back for a routine check-up. Theyʼll take measurements, record data, and ask questions about your overall health. Our hygienists can provide not only a routine dental prophylaxis and fluoride application, but also more advanced periodontal procedures such as scaling and root planing, delivery of anesthetic, or placement of direct delivery antimicrobials. They also have cutting edge technology available to them such as ultrasonic scalers that can remove even the heaviest buildup in mere minutes. Your comfort is of the utmost importance to us here.